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​When you first step through our door, you will feel the calming effect of this center for Reiki  therapy-which will transport you to a more relaxed state of mind, creating in you a long-lasting feeling of well being.  

4 Sessions of Reiki

With 4 sessions you will having a consistent flow of energy to help  chronic issues.  4 session = $260  (a savings of $40 )

World-Class Service

​You can travel the world from Bangkok to Zimbabwe  and never find anything equaling the level of Reiki service and classes we provide as a matter of course.  Call 713 784 9400 for a consultation.



Discover this ancient art of healing that can help you relax,  rejuvenate and recover your youthful vigor.  Patricia Barry Rumble, a gifted Reikimaster and writer has been doing Reiki for 20 years.

​Reiki Healing Learn Reiki 

Reiki Training


Get a 1-hour treatment

for as low as $75.

Reiki Therapy Session

​Experience a therapy where time seems to stand still.  1 hour session is $75/hour

Reiki Therapy Services 



713 784 9400

Cutting-Edge Therapy

Who knew that cutting edge therapy could be Reiki dating back to the late 1800's when Dr. Ushui rediscovered this ancient art of healing in Japan.  Yet it took a woman Hawayo Takata to bring Reiki to America.   More and more physicians are consider-ing Reiki to help their patients relax and heal faster.

Reiki 1 & 2 Workshop

The next class will be Sat. Aug 12  (2nd Sat.) from 9 to 5 pm, ... to learn how to help heal and rejuvenate yourself.  Only  $190 or $142  each for 2 people

10AM - 5PM M-F,  11AM - 3PM Sat   713 784 9400